we are hiring fun, outgoing couples for the 2013 summer season



We are Workamper News

2008 Employers of the year!

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Our campground is located in a rural setting 2 miles east of downtown St. Cloud, Minnesota. We are a Good Sam park and have just over 100 sites, including 45 pull-throughs and 80 full hook-up sites. Our primary customers are seniors and RV clubs. On the weekends from Memorial Day - Labor Day, we have a fair amount of families.   We are looking for couples that can start work around May 1st and work through the season until Oct 10th (dates flexible).

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We currently have two positions avalible:

1.  Store/Grounds Workampers

2.  Restroom cleaners


Store/Grounds Workampers


Our work campers work as teams - so the two of you would work the same shifts - typically work 12-20 hours/week. One of you would work in the office, taking reservations, checking people in, and selling items in the store (typically, the wife handles these functions). The other person (typically the husband) works outside most of the day doing various tasks, including, escorting guests to their sites, painting, mowing, emptying fire pits, light maintenance and repair work (see Job descriptions below). We use the Ros2000 software for our reservation system, this is easy to learn and easy to use.

Under normal circumstances, we do not offer an hourly wage, however, in return for your services, there will be no charge to you for your 50 amp site  with cement pad , propane, WiFi internet, electricity, and laundry. In addition, you will receive 25% off anything for sale in the store (excluding consignment items) and RV parts from Camping World for cost (plus tax).  A year end bonus is given to all Workampers who fulfill their season's commitment. 

We are looking for friendly, outgoing, motivated couples who enjoy working with the public.   Please let us know if you're available and interested and we will set up a phone interview.

We were nominated by seven of our workampers in 2008 for Workamper News magazine Employers of the year.  It is our great honor to have been chosen Employers of the year for 2008.  We strive to make your workamping experience a great one.   Please give us a call if you are interested in helping us out at our RV Park.

OUTSIDE RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES (this is a list of the typical things you would be doing)

§         We park all campers. Using golf cart, show campers, including tent campers, to their sites.  (See map for how to pull campers into their sites.)  On full-hookup sites, be certain that the sewer ring cover is loose. Remind our guests of proper sewer connection.

§         Monday Morning shift – Cigarette butt patrol.  Please spend Monday morning’s shift picking up cigarette butts around to park.  Special attention to tenting areas and around lodge. 

§         Morning shift – Check and record Propane levels.  Take mail to mailbox about 11:30 - Noon and put the red flag up.  Afternoon shift to pick up the mail and bring back to office to be sorted and put in individual mailboxes.   

§         Morning shift – The flowers need to be watered every day.  It has been suggested that the best time to water them is in the AM.  Therefore, the first workamper shift will water the flowers every day.  Please indicate this completion by marking a W on the calendar when you water or an R if it rains so that all workampers know that it was completed. 

§         Grass mowing is started Wednesday afternoon and done until complete.  Also trimming with small mower where needed.  Weed whipping will be preformed as needed.   When mowing, lift mower deck when crossing over gravel sites, so stones don't hit RV's or windows.  Remember, SAFETY FIRST!   

§         Firepits will be cleaned on Mondays after cigarette butt patrol.   Dump ash in hole northwest of Rally Center.   The leaves and debris dump is located north of the rally center in open field. 

§         Mark map (in hallway) as to what work is completed - Green marker for mowing, red for firepits and blue for weed whipping.  This helps the next shift know what is done.   

§         Evening shift – Tractor maintenance: check oil and clean air filter. Re-assemble air cleaner first, then blow out radiator before washing tractor at end of day. Be sure clean air filter and radiator before washing or the dust in radiator will turn to mud, dry over night and plug radiator.  

§         Evening shift - Help with closing of swimming pool.   

§         Evening shift - Clean and blow off golf carts and remove air cleaner.  Clean every 2 days.  Wash golf carts and clean seats when needed. 

§         Deliver firewood to sites. 

§         Crush aluminum cans.  This can be done especially when you need to stay close to the office waiting for campers/clubs to come in like Friday afternoons or evenings.   

§         Sweep cement platform by 1 triple garage, 2 sidewalk from house to garage & 3 house deck.  

§         Whenever necessary, squeegee and sweep water out of dump station.    

§         Check the "to do” list in the store for miscellaneous duties. 


§         Sunday afternoon, after campers are gone and it's quiet, or Monday's shifts -- Vacuum carpet in store.  Also during the week when needed.    

§         Clean office bathroom, including wiping up the floor, clean back sink area and sweep floor.   

§         Daily check front door and glass case for fingerprints. Dust in store.  Empty all wastebaskets. 

§         Make sure pizza tray underneath is clean after using.  Clean grate when needed.   

§         Check cooler doors for fingerprints and bottom of cooler is clean and dry.  (No water.)   

§         Morning shift - Check if front door inside night light is turned off.  Wipe off white outside furniture. 

§         Check cooler supplies - pop and juice and fill. Write down any needed supplies on the supplies list. 

§         Sweep sidewalks in front of office, side door and sidewalk to house & garage. Clean cigarette buckets by both doors.  (There are rubber gloves and strainer to use by back sink).   

§         Keep water dispenser filled. 

§         Sort mail and put in individual mailboxes. 

§         The flowers need to be watered every day.  It has been suggested that the best time to water them is in the AM.  Therefore, the first workamper shift will water the flowers every day.  Please indicate this completion by marking a W on the calendar when you water or a R if it rains so that all workampers know that it was completed. 

§         Check store and lodge windows inside and outside and clean when needed. 

§         Evening shift -  Turn off light in pop cooler and all other lights. Make sure doors are locked and windows closed and locked.   

§         When doing laundry - please sweep floor and check if washers/dryers and chairs need to be cleaned

§         We appreciate it if you help us keep our park clean. If you see debris, please pick it up.  We want you to treat this campground as your home.  Also, if you are in the park and see that something needs attention (bathrooms, flower beds, etc.), please advise us, or take care of it yourselves. We are proud of our campground and never know when we will be inspected. 

§         We have many flower garden areas in the park.  If you enjoy gardening, feel free to treat these gardens as your own.  



Restroom cleaners:


We are looking for a hardworking conscientious person/couple to clean our restrooms. Your hours are flexible, no set cleaning schedule, as long as the bathrooms are kept up to our high standards. You will work only three days; Friday morning through Sunday at 5:00 PM. Monday- Thursday off. Extra hours available for additional benefits. You will receive free FHU 30/50 amp site with cement patio. You will receive free electric and WiFi.







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