fun times at st. cloud campground & rv park while workamping


2008 Employer of the Year Announced
Posted: 10/24/2008


Congrats go to

Cris & Deb Thell

of St Cloud Campground and RV Park

in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. They were nominated by seven of their Workampers.


Here's what their Workampers had to say:

This is our sixth year of Workamping and we have worked for good owners, but we feel Cris is deserving of this recognition. St. Cloud Campground is one of the top rated parks in Minnesota due to Cris’ conscientious efforts. He takes pride in his park and goes out of his way to make sure customers, as well as Workampers, are treated fairly. Our schedules are made up for the complete season allowing us to make our plans accordingly. Also, we are allowed to switch schedules with other Workampers. He is always in good humor and makes us all feel like family. He has scheduled a get-together, with meal, to reward after each holiday for any extra work. We feel that Cris is at the top of the list and has all the attributes and skills it takes to run a successful CG.
- Ken & Judy Uecker

Cris is always there to greet us when we start our shift and is always there to thank us when we end our shift. He treats us with respect and always makes us feel like we are doing a fantastic job (even though we know we goof up sometimes). He is awesome with his customers, and the kids especially like the way he jokes with them. We believe that Cris would be an excellent 2008 Employer of the Year.
- Gary & Jeanne Heineman

Cris and Deb encourage a sense of family and teamwork. They have unlimited patience, do not micro-manage, and are very supportive. At the end of every work shift, they thank us for what we did. They’ve well deserving of this award.
- Garrett Summers

We had never Workamped before and had no experience for the job. Cris responded that he thought enthusiasm worked better than experience. He was so patient with us and he works as hard as any Workamper. He runs one of the highest rated RV parks in Minnesota and takes pride in his campground, and instills that pride in us Workampers.
- Michael & Venita Holbrook